Frequently Asked Questions!

Question:  How far is White Sands from Major Centres?

White Sands is about 2.5 hours from both Calgary and Edmonton, and about 40 minutes east of Red Deer and about 20 minutes west of Stettler.

Question:  What do we do about Sewer and Water?

Septic fields aren't allowed anywhere around the lake anymore, and residents put in septic tanks which are pumped out be local businesses once or twice a year.  These septic tanks range in price widely, but if you want to put in the largest possible you can expect to pay about $7000 installed.  It costs about $125 to empty a 12,000L tank.

Water could be from a well ( about $15,000 to drill on of those ) but most use water tanks ( cisterns ) and fill them from the communities water tank piped in from Stettler at a rate of about $3/1000L using local businesses.  These tanks are similar in price to the septic tanks.

Question:  What services are provided?

Power and Natural Gas are brought to your site.   To bring the power to a location in your site and energize it is about $150 ( for the meter ).  All services are underground.

Question:  Are there communities fee's?

White Sands does a LOT for you, including maintaining the road, providing garbage removal from community dumpsters, cleaning the beaches and cutting the grass along the road.  This is all covered by your taxes and there are no community fee's. 


Question:  What are the taxes?


These vary, depending on improvements to your lot, but a bare lot is about $750/year ( $62.50/Mo )

Question:  Can I put an RV on my lot?

Trailers on our lots?? Absolutely!


You can have two RV's on your huge, private lot, and on long weekends, up to four! Let your family and friends come up to share your lake time! To our understanding, there is no charge for the permit to do this.

Starting in summer 2020, during the summer months from May to the end of September, the Summer Village needs you to move your RV off site for 5 days every 21 days ( they call this camping mode ). There is an excellent RV storage yard near Erskine ( about 15 minutes away ) that can store your rig safe and secure for about $35/month.  This bylaw is now under review due to unfavorable response from the community and will likely be revised shortly


Many owners pick up there RV when they come to relax at the lake, and take it back when they head home.

All spring, fall, and winter, you can leave your RV on your lot permanently.

This policy is under review, and we will hopefully get that overturned very shortly.


Question: Do I have to put up a home or use a certain builder when I do?

There is NO obligation to build a home at any time, and you may use any builder you like when you decide to.  When you decide to build, there are land use bylaws in White Sand requiring that your home is at least 750 square feet.  They do allow Ready-To-Move homes, but not park model homes.

Question: Is the lake healthy?

Very healthy!  Buffalo lake is stabilized by pumping water up from the Red Deer river when the lake gets low, and the levels are always high while other lakes in Alberta are drying up all summer.   Very rarely is there an algae bloom, and the fishing is very productive.

Question:  Can I put a dock in the lake?

Yes, any resident of white sand can put a dock in the lake for no fee, and often residents form a group to share the expense of a portable dock.  The community allows you to store the dock on the beach in the winter when you take it out.

Question:  Are the lots cleared and prepared?

No... the lots are left in their natural state ( some wooded, some meadows ) and any improvements on the lot are on the owners.

Question:  How close is the beach?

White Sands long sandy beach is just a few minutes walk from Buffalo Lake Ranch Estates.

What amenities are available in White Sands?

  • A community Hall and a Hall Society

  • Debs Mercantile Store and Coffee show ( this summer )

  • Beer on the Buff vendor ( this summer )

  • A Crime Watch Society

  • A truck fill station ( for water ) and a refuse station which includes recycling bins

  • Two playgrounds, walking trails, and gazebo hill with a fabulous view of the lake and rolling terrain

  • A tennis and pickle-ball court and a basketball court

  • Nine beach accesses along a two kilometer beach with nine outdoor privy's.

  • Community social events which include:

    • Canada Day Parade​ and BBQ

    • Fall wind up BBQ

    • Christmas Party

    • Weekly and Monthly events like card night

    • Weekly exercise classes

    • Coffee club

    • Monthly poker night

  • Twenty minutes from Stettler which offers:​

    • Hospital​

    • Several grocery stores

    • lumber and hardware

    • Walmart

    • Canadian Tire

    • Movie Theatre

    • Modern recreational complex

    • Renowned Prairie Steam Train Excursions

  • Several golf courses a short distance away including:

    • Pheasantback golf and country club​

    • Stettler golf and country

    • Bashaw golf and country

    • Haunted Lakes golf and campground​

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